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Machine Design I

The course builds upon the background developed in Statics and Strength of Materials. The major skills that students learn after completion of this course are to analyze stress and strain in a multi-element structure, to analyze non-symmetrical beam sections, a preliminary understanding of multi-cell torsional effects, to Understand the effects of curved beams on stresses and strain, to analyze statically indeterminate structures, and to evaluate beams for buckling loads, to Understand different failure theories, to understand the effects of fatigue on performance of beam elements, and to solve intermediate open-ended mechanical design problems.


  1. Hw1 – solution
  2. Hw2 – solution
  3. Hw3 – solution
  4. Hw4 – solution
  5. Hw5 – HW5 Solution
  6. Hw6 – solution
  7. Hw7 – solution
  8. Hw8 – solution
  9. Hw9 – solution
  10. Hw10 – solution


  1. Exam 1 – solution
  2. Exam 2 – Exam 2 Answer Sheet


  1. Project 1
  2. Project 2